Why Choose a LendingTree Certified Lender or
Loan Officer?

Commitment Level
Certified Lenders and Loan Officers have committed their time and
resources to training, you can have confidence they are going to be committed
to you, as their customer. The time, level of training, practice and testing
they have committed illustrates they are serious about being the best in their field!

One of the core components of the training Certified Loan Officers and Lenders
undergo is the importance of honesty and integrity. They are not only taught
to provide honest loan options, but to also fully disclose every aspect of your loan.
Integrity is a core competency of LendingTree University, therefore, you can be
confident your Certified Lender or Loan Officer is committed to the highest
levels of ethics and integrity.

Financial Knowledge
A key part of LendingTree Certification Training is teaching Loan Officers
and Lenders advanced skills to utilize a mortgage as a true financial tool;
not just an avenue to purchase a home or refinance to a lower rate and
payment. They are versed in both the benefits and implications of mortgage
transactions. Certified Loan Officers are taught to provide you with unique
benefits and knowledge that many competitors may not know. Because
these Certified Loan Officers and Lenders are pro- consumer, they are
able to help you make the best overall mortgage decision for your
personal financial situation.

Certified Loan Officers and Lenders are also trained in providing you with
multiple loan options so you can rest easy knowing that they can guide you
through the loan programs and options which best meet your financial goals
and will empower you to make the most informed decision possible.

Personal Care and Service
We teach Certified Lenders and Loan Officers the importance of caring
for customers’ needs while providing the best possible service. The goal is to
make a normally complex and intimidating transaction as enjoyable and easy
as possible while understanding both your needs and goals. Our motto is
“customers first”. Therefore, you can be confident you are working with
someone who wants to help you through one of your most important
financial decisions; they are committed to your financial well-being!
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