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Total Number of Reviews:  60

Average Overall Rating:  5.00 Stars

Average Rating for Interest Rate:  4.97 Stars

Average Rating for Fees and Closing Costs:  4.97 Stars

Average Rating for Responsiveness:  5.00 Stars

Average Rating for Customer Service:  5.00 Stars
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I created these mortgage pages on February 27, 2016.
In an effort to maintain integrity, only reviews received
after that date will be posted on this site.

There are 5 reviews per page and they are posted in reverse order.
In other words, the latest review received is the one you will see first.

I appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business and
I look forward to posting your review on this site in the near future!

Bill Brown

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Reviews are posted at two different locations.

There are reviews posted on this site by my customers and there are also reviews posted
at Lending Tree.  To post a review at Lending Tree you must create an account.  If a
borrower applied at Lending Tree, they created an account at the time of their
application.  Other borrowers come to me as referrals from past customers,
real estate agents, friends and acquaintances and a rosary website that I also run at  Some of these borrowers are not comfortable creating an
account at Lending Tree since their loans are already closed and they don't feel the need
to provide Lending Tree with the personal information required to create the account.

Some borrowers were kind enough to provide reviews at both places and I am very grateful.

Pick a link below or use both to see the reviews posted at this website as well as at

Thank you!
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